When it comes to royals, luxurious clothes and fashionable looks occur to you at first specially their exaggerated hats like fedoras, fascinators, Panama hats, etc. Certainly, it’s rare to see a royal wear a casual denim hat in public areas. But today, I would like to write something about their love stories. In recent days, Meghan has delivered Harry’s first child, triggering another heated discussion among common Britain people. It’s said that Harry proposed to Meghan at Nottingham Cottage when they were roasting a chicken.

In 2016, a mutual friend introduced them to each other. Before long, they began to date in Botswana. Another high-profile couple is Prince William and Catherine Middleton. In 2001, Catherine left from West Berkshire, her family home to study at Scotland’s University of St Andrews. Four years later, she graduated from that university with a 2:1 in history of Art. As is well-known, Prince William proposed to Catherine with his late mother’s sapphire engagement ring.

Only an inadvertent glimpse  at a royal wedding seems determine two persons’ destiny throughout the whole life. Philip renounced his title of Prince of Greece and Denmark in 1934, so that the couple could marry. Then in 2017, the Queen became the first monarch who have held a platinum wedding anniversary.

Epic Romantic Love Story between Victoria I & Prince Albert

It’s arguably that their love story is the greatest one among them all. The epic bond deserves a grand scale in London. In the beginning, Victoria intended for building the Royal Albert Hall, but such a plan was diverted to Albert Memorial following his death in 1861.

Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn

Given his weird lust for wives, it’s by no stretch to imagination that Henry VIII’s marriages as true love stories. It had to be mentioned that his marriage to Anne Boleyn was a downright romance. Although his divorce request having been reproached and refused by the Pope, Henry took pains to tear up the rule book and passed the Act of Supremacy, forming his own Church of England and holding the power to grant the divorce in 1533.

When it comes to the marriage of Edward III & Philippa of Hainault, many remarked their union as a calculated and political plot, but both of them have devoted to each other at full stretch. During their less than half a century marriage, they have delivered 12 children. Edward also allocated £3,000 to the construction of his late queen’s memorial, which locates in the Confessor’s chapel at Westminster Abbey.

When it refers to Edward II & Piers Gaveston, their controversial relationship was ended with a regrettable dot. A deep bond could be found from long history. In the court of King Edward I, Piers was promoted and was expelled out of the country after an argument years later. In 1307, Edward succeeded the throne and summoned Piers back and made him the Earl of Cornwall.

However, Piers overwhelmed population was not accepted by some, and he was deprived of his life in 1321 by the Earl of Warwick.