Russian Vitaly Mutko Formally Resign His Position of World Cup Committee

Vitaly Mutko, the deputy Prime Minister of Russia, resigned his position as the chairman of the committee organizing this summer’s World Cup. This document announced that his exit out of the committee from the forming of the committee in March 2011. After experienced three-month efforts, he won the right to host the 2018 tournament. The bid was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmity Medvedev on Dec. 30. It’s said that Mutko will be replaced by Russia 2018’s organizing position committee by Alexey Sorokin, who takes the position of existing position as chief executive. Advanced posts at FIFA and UEFA of Mutko has also been taken by Sorokin. As the temporary president of the Russian Football Union, he was also appointed as the subject of considerable scrutiny since the emerge of state-sponsored doping programme in 2014. When he took the position of Russsia’ minister of sport from 2008 to 2016, the old guy was accused of conspiring more than 1000 athletes to take banned dopes, and he was banned from the Games for life by International Olympic Committee in last month.

Mutko, a close member in the ally of the Russian Presient Vladimir Putin, refused to admit any accuses from International Olympic Committee, and he said that he would resume to help Russia to prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Although the exchange in the organizing members will not lead to a positive effects, Mutko was removed only four weeks later. He shared a Kremlin stage with FIFA president Gianni Infantino at the World Cup draw prior to this removal.

International Football Association Board suggest that the Virtual Acmilan Referee be used for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and all competitions. In a critical meeting in Zurich on Jan. 22, a decision on using the VAR (Virtual Acmilan Referee) to assist referees on football fields at summer’s World Cup and at any match in next season. With the help of the VAR system, some scenes difficulty to perceive will be recorded by the system, making contribution to correct refereeing suggests.

The five members of the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the law-making body, are gathered at the headquarters of FIFA in Switzerland for their annual business meeting. As one of the major sports popular in the world, football is said to be supported by video assistant referees (VARs). However, the system was put into original trail stage, and it is decided that the system will be used at 2018 FIFA World Cup by IFAB’a annual business meeting in Zurich on March 2.

Many leagues have participated in the trails, including Major League Soccer and Serie A, as well as several FIFA competitions. The results will be analyzed by Belgium’s top university KU Leuven. Before the host of meeting on January 22, IFAB will publish the recent date in trails in the week. They hope to prove the feasibility of the VARs in practical matches. False decisions have been corrected on the basis of the system and time take on review is reduced greatly.