France World Cup Heroes

The French Legion of Honor will be awarded to the France World Cup-winning squad and coaching staff later in the year. As the highest honor of French people, the Order of Civil Merit have been taken as life-long pursuits. But there are some exceptions for the 1998 World Cup-winning squad and Michel Platini.

On Tuesday, sources have been confirmed that the special honor will leave them unique when compared with other footballers, football squad and coaching staff. Although specific date has not being released to receive the great honour, celebrities like Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba, as well as their teammates and coaches will join the class.

Considering great contributions of coach Didier Deschamps in the 1998 World Cup-winning squad, he will be the winner of Knight to Officer. In addition, the feat as coach having been made by him is also another factor for the award. In the middle of the 1980s, Platini was awarded the accolade, because of his great contributions, such as Ballon d’Or titles and feats in fueling France to the 1984 European Championship in homeland.

At the Russia FIFA World Cup last summer, France team topped Group C prior of Denmak, Peru and Australia side.  Then, France defeated Argentina, Uruguay and Belgium national football team, winning the final against Croatia squad.

The  young football player of the World Cup Mbappe netted four goals over the  great tournament. Griezmann also won scores four times, winning the silver boot and bronze ball.

According to a report from FIFA, over 3.5 billion spectators have watched the event. Such number surpasses half of global population aged from four and beyond. In the final of France against Croatia, it’s estimated 1.12bn have watched at least one minute of the match.

Commission reviewers of World Cup watching published that television audience reached 516.6m while many people have watched the match on digital devices and in out-of-home spaces, such as restaurants, bars and squares, etc. Compared with the number of spectators watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup with that for the 2014 Brazil World Cup, number of spectators has reached 191 m from 187m in Brazil.

Every game was a feast for global spectators. Research also revealed that watching time has been extended than four years earlier. Although China failed to win qualification for the event, there were about 655.7m spectators in China. In addition, coverage of the tournament across from the whole world reached 1.6bn.

On Thursday, the current president of FIFA World Cup argued that most of the national football teams hope the number of all football team at the 2022 World Cup could be expended to 48. He also said that a decision about the suggestion would be made by March. No matter the proposal would be feasible or not, a 48-teams World Cup holding by Qartar alone is difficult. The country now stuck in a dilemma, in which neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain are disputing in sharing matches.

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