Mario Gomez aims at Playing World Cup Matches with Germany after Stuttgart Return

After return to club Stuttgart, Mario Gomez pays attention to World Cup spot in the Germany national football team. He started his football playing career with Stuttgart. Mario Gomez is a German professional footballer born in 10 July 1985. When the club become champions in 2006-07 season, Mario Gomez netted 14 goals and 7 assists aged 21. He was selected as German Footballer of the Year.

He signed a contract with Bayern Munich for an estimated €30–35 million, which created a new record in the history of League. Gomez was the top scorer in 2011 with Bayern Munich, helping the team in winning seven honors. In 2013, he transferred to Serie A team Fiorentina for €20 million fee, and was affected by his severe injuries in Italy. In 2015, he was loan to Turkey’s Beşiktaş and became the top scorer as they won the Süper Lig. Prior to return to VfB Stuttgart in January 2018, he made his contributions to avoid VfL Wolfsburg being relegated in the first season.

In February 2007, Gómez accomplished his senior international appearances for Germany February 2007, and turned to be a regular of the squad for three UEFA European Championships and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. “At present, he is paying attention to matches in the next six months”, he says, “It’s magnificent for VfB and himself in the next six months. I hope to participate in the World Cup.”

After several years’ leaving, he agreed to return to Stuttgart in December. At that time, the football club was confronted with a possible relegation in the second half of the season. The club Stuttgart only won 17 points in the season, two points more than club Bremen and Hamburg in the bottom three, and they lay their hope in Gomez to upturn the bad consequence of in the season. Although there will be a lot of pressure to reach this goal, he never stop to reach the goal from 18. He started his football playing career with Stuttgart aged 16, helping the team in winning the Bundesliga in 2007; in the same year, he was selected as the German Footballer of the Year Award.

From 2005 to 2009, he won 63 goals in Bundesliga matches for Stuttgart prior to win 92 goals for Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg in 160 games while he scored 16 goals in the last season. But in the first half of the season, he only won three goals for his team.

One reason of only three goals in the first half of the season rests on the chaos at Wolfsburg. Certainly, he came back after a great winter training camp. If failures like missing excellent opportunities veered me out of the orbit in my football playing career, my playing career will be ended aged 19, and never net a goal again. At the 2018 FIFA World Cup looming, every footballer will spare no effort to show himself at matches with a best status, looking forward to win honors and accolades for his team as much as possible.

FIFA World Cup — Ajdin Hrustic Taking Olyroos as the Beginning of World Cup

Professional football players in Australian team for the U-23 Asian Champions are motivated by many factors, which are unpredictable elements of football.

Some professional football players hope that they could wear the Olyroos jersey of the 2020 Olympics in advance, which will be the highlights in their football playing career. Some older football players who are ineligible for the Tokyo would better to be at home with the top League clubs. Other footballers take this match as an excellent opportunity to cut striking figure among many footballers in front of their club bosses. And some footballers intend to catch more attentions from people, hoping they will become notable among football fans, football players and club bosses.

As a striker in Ante Milicic’s team, Ajdin Hrustic is experienced in the Socceroos team, and he also hope he could win more accolades and honors in the club.

“When new coach coming in, I would like to get moments to exhibit my ability in a good status”, he said. Many senior footballers will be selected as the controversial policy for the tournament out of the A-League.

Hrustic is very happy to be a member of a team who win over Thailand in a warm-up. The 21 years old intends to off the back of form with Groningen in the Netherlands for difficulty to come by. After having accomplished his first appearance for the Socceroos at the MCG, he played many matches in the Dutch League.

He failed to keep his place in the football club for the poorly-timed red card in the Melburnian lose. In addition, he got injured in a four-week later match, which means he could not play football matches any more before the Dutch league’s winter break. Considering his bad finish in 2017, Hrustic wishes that he could kick off the 2018 with China-base tournament. He said, “I will gradually recover from injuries and hopes to net goals for his team in a good health status. Although he has seven days’ leave, he worked every day and came back to full team training now.

He intends to make progresses step by step and divides his goals into small tasks. Firstly, he will pay attention to matches in this month, then he will attach the importance to club football and then to World Cup.

“It’s a dream for him to participate in a FIFA World Cup.” It means a lot to pull on Olyroos shirts for him, and he is eager to show himself by netting goals for his team and his boss.

Although motivations of many professional football players of the team may be different, Hrustic the competition and professional nature of footballers in camp will be a guarantee in fierce competitions.

He intends to impress with Ante but he wants the best for the team and Ante. They are getting well with each other at the moment for better consequences for the team. Each player will help each other on and off sports fields. There is a bond among many professional football players.

Russian Vitaly Mutko Formally Resign His Position of World Cup Committee

Vitaly Mutko, the deputy Prime Minister of Russia, resigned his position as the chairman of the committee organizing this summer’s World Cup. This document announced that his exit out of the committee from the forming of the committee in March 2011. After experienced three-month efforts, he won the right to host the 2018 tournament. The bid was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmity Medvedev on Dec. 30. It’s said that Mutko will be replaced by Russia 2018’s organizing position committee by Alexey Sorokin, who takes the position of existing position as chief executive. Advanced posts at FIFA and UEFA of Mutko has also been taken by Sorokin. As the temporary president of the Russian Football Union, he was also appointed as the subject of considerable scrutiny since the emerge of state-sponsored doping programme in 2014. When he took the position of Russsia’ minister of sport from 2008 to 2016, the old guy was accused of conspiring more than 1000 athletes to take banned dopes, and he was banned from the Games for life by International Olympic Committee in last month.

Mutko, a close member in the ally of the Russian Presient Vladimir Putin, refused to admit any accuses from International Olympic Committee, and he said that he would resume to help Russia to prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Although the exchange in the organizing members will not lead to a positive effects, Mutko was removed only four weeks later. He shared a Kremlin stage with FIFA president Gianni Infantino at the World Cup draw prior to this removal.

International Football Association Board suggest that the Virtual Acmilan Referee be used for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and all competitions. In a critical meeting in Zurich on Jan. 22, a decision on using the VAR (Virtual Acmilan Referee) to assist referees on football fields at summer’s World Cup and at any match in next season. With the help of the VAR system, some scenes difficulty to perceive will be recorded by the system, making contribution to correct refereeing suggests.

The five members of the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the law-making body, are gathered at the headquarters of FIFA in Switzerland for their annual business meeting. As one of the major sports popular in the world, football is said to be supported by video assistant referees (VARs). However, the system was put into original trail stage, and it is decided that the system will be used at 2018 FIFA World Cup by IFAB’a annual business meeting in Zurich on March 2.

Many leagues have participated in the trails, including Major League Soccer and Serie A, as well as several FIFA competitions. The results will be analyzed by Belgium’s top university KU Leuven. Before the host of meeting on January 22, IFAB will publish the recent date in trails in the week. They hope to prove the feasibility of the VARs in practical matches. False decisions have been corrected on the basis of the system and time take on review is reduced greatly.